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Free Parent Webinar Series

Covering 7 valuable topics :

  • Understanding your child as a learner

  • Understanding learning difficulties

  • Specialist referrals

  • Supporting at-risk learners

  • Literacy and supporting children with home learning

  • Tutor reading /Basic spelling activities

  • Next steps for those who want more

    Find out more and book your free space today.

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Online Parent Support Program

This 6-month programme includes:

  • A screening assessment to determine your children’s needs in learning and literacy.

  • A written report with recommendations for further specialist assessment and next steps in learning.

  • Design of parent-led home learning programme (3 weekly sessions) for terms 1 and 2

  • Over $120 learning and tutoring resources 

  • Email support and monitoring

  • Online and video training for home reading and spelling tutoring 

  • A follow up assessment at the end of term two to measure progress and plan next steps.

Jenny Headshots (33 of 44).jpg