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Australia & New Zealand Online Courses

I am very excited to bring you our online professional development course directory!


These online courses and webinar series are here to support educators at all levels of your school.

Delivering these programs online brings flexibility and many of the offers are self-paced in 2 - 5 hours per week. 

Links to register are below - For ease, schools will be invoiced once registration is received. 

Certificates of completion as a professional development record will be issued to all attendees for course completion and programme implementation. 


I am always happy to answer questions if you are trying to determine which course is for you.

Looking forward to meeting you on a course of your choice soon!


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The Leadership Online Program
Setting up for Success 

Investment per person: 12-month programme $1450 plus GST.

Investment per team on application 


Suitable for Principals/DPS/Aps/SENCO/LSC/ Deans and RTLB

Great opportunity to build a leadership team and develop a school-wide focus

Self-paced (2 - 5 hours per week) || Delivered Online || Tasks + practical activities and a face to face workshop. 


Each participant will design and implement an individual school programme to meet the needs determined by the school. 

The 2024
 Online Leadership Programme Package Includes:


4 webinars with recordings


Module assignments and personal guidance


A copy of the Wobbly Kids-A guide for schools and teachers

Mentoring and coaching group programme access ( an additional 8 sessions with Jenny in 2022)

Participation in the Free 2024
 Leadership Forum is recommended


This online course is specifically designed to support & mentor those in (or aspire to be in) the SENCO + RTLB role: 

  • Access to the online programme for one year following registration. 

  • Mentoring and email support. 

  • Webinar series – 4 sessions 

Webinar 1: The LSC/SENCO role, understanding at-risk learners and underpinning cognitive weaknesses. 

Webinar 2: Screening assessments and analysis 

Webinar 3: Supporting Class teachers with differentiated teaching and accommodations

Webinar 4: Programmes and resources to meet at-risk learner needs 


Part 1: Policy, Practice and Setting up for Success

  • Draft policy and practice to lead school-wide focus on raising achievement 

  • Refine the role to address priorities and responsibilities 

  • Lead a school self-audit analysing the current position and determining goals 

  • Draft a timeline and implementation plan to suit individual school needs 

  • Screening assessments -Identifying at-risk student groups/students undiagnosed 

  • Analysis of screening data 

  • Planning for success – reporting to management/board – policy sign off 

  • Selecting programmes for implementation 

  • Programme preparation, targeting students and tutors 

Part 2: Programmes, Resources and Specialist Teaching 

  • Programmes for at-risk students: Tutor reading, Tutor Writing, Oral Language, Spelling and Numeracy 

  • Understanding underpinning cognitive weaknesses 

  • Differentiated teaching and supporting classroom teachers to accommodate learning differences Understanding at-risk learner needs and teaching strategies 

  • Individual and small group teaching 

  • Monitoring, reporting and evaluation

Teacher Online Programme - Setting your school up for success - Online Course

Investment per person: $1295 plus GST. 

The online programme supports classroom and specialist teachers to identify, understand, support, and implement strategies and programmes to meet the needs of all learners and specifically raise achievement for at-risk and underachieving learners.

A focus on the specifics of differentiating classroom programmes is part of the course content.


Included in the programme:

  • Ongoing access to the 14 modules in the programme.

  • Mentoring and email support

  • 30 1-hour Zoom PLD sessions.

Key content

  • Understanding at-risk learner groups

  • Underpinning cognitive weaknesses – What are they and how to address them

  • Identifying at-risk students with ease

  • Screening assessments and analysis

  • Class abilities registers

  • Neuroscience and best practice teaching

  • Effective programmes in literacy (reading/writing/spelling and oral language) and numeracy.

  • Classroom application and learning plans

  • Monitoring Effective Programmes through pre and post-testing

Teacher Aide - Setting your school up for success - Online Course

Investment per person: 12-month programme $1175 plus GST. 

Self-paced (2 - 3 hours per week) || Delivered Online || Tasks + practical activities and a face to face workshop. 

The Online Teacher Aide Programme Package Includes:

  • 30 Zoom sessions with recordings

  • Module assignments and personal guidance

  • A copy of the Wobbly Kids  -  A guide for schools and teachers

This course is for all teacher aides to enhance classroom practice, identify at-risk learners and raise achievement for all learner groups. 

Learn how to understand and support children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, children on the autistic spectrum, children with ADHD and those with visual and auditory processing disorders. 

The course focuses on teaching for diversity which includes the needs of Maori and Pasifika as well as supporting learners with English as their second language. Differentiated teaching supports all learner groups in classrooms. 

Each participant will focus on the needs of students in their class and implement programmes, strategies and resources to meet those identified needs. 

Teacher aides will be supported and mentored to raise achievement and work alongside SENCO’s and class teachers in literacy and numeracy programs. 

This online course will guide you through: 

  • Understand learning difficulties and differences 

  • How to identify characteristics of students with learning difficulties not yet diagnosed 

  • Supporting learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, those on the autistic spectrum, children with ADHD and those with auditory and visual processing disorders Understanding the 7 key learning and teaching needs of at risk learners 

  • Providing support, strategies and resources for at-risk learners 

  • Implementing effective tutor programmes in: 

    • Reading -Writing 

    • Spelling - Oral language 

    • Numeracy 

  • Understanding underpinning cognitive weaknesses and applying accommodations to support students. 

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