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Phonological Awareness Reading Bundles 

 Enhance student achievement through changing literacy practice

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National and International research has highlighted that our current balanced/whole language literacy approach doesn't meet the needs of up to 40% of our students.

Meet the needs of all your students through a structured literacy phonological and phonemic approach.


  • The importance of structured literacy and a phonemic and phonological approach

  • How oral language and pre-literacy skills contribute to later success.

  • How to assess phonemic and phonological skills.

  • The 7 excellences in teaching underachieving students

  •  Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate an effective programme


Phonological Awareness Bundle Includes:

  • Access to 4 online modules

  • Resource kit  to support Alpha to Omega integrated reading, writing and spelling programme

  • Email mentoring and support

  • A copy of the Wobbly Kids - Guide for schools and teachers.

  • Access to the coaching and mentoring programme

Programme Investment $450.00 plus GST

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