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Hour of Power Whole School & Individuals

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2024 Teacher – Development Programme

Support your teachers with meeting the needs of neurodiverse students and at-risk learners

Differentiation in challenging environments.

Suitable for Primary and Secondary

  • Understanding•

  • Best practice

  • Skills and strategies

  • Accommodations

  • Programmes and resources


30 Zoom sessions with recordings

  • Understanding and identifying at-risk learner groups/ Key principles and philosophies 

  • Screening assessments to determine why students are underachieving 

  • Marking and analysing assessments

  • Identifying target groups and deeper assessment

  • The 7 Characteristics of effective at-risk learner teaching

  • Analysing and selecting programmes

  • Multi-sensory teaching

  • Developmental stages of learning

  • Repetition and overlearning

  • Teaching metacognitive strategies 

  • Interpreting specialist assessments and accommodation

  • Making the Learning Journey Explicit/case studies

  • Individual and Group Learning Plans 

  • Meeting the needs of students with dyslexia/ ADHD/ASD Dyspraxia/Auditory and Visual Learning Difficulties etc.

And much more

Unlimited teachers Investment $2500 plus GST per school

All webinars recorded to provide a timeless resource

Teacher Aide – Development Programme

30 webinars – 1 hour weekly during terms 1-4
Content includes our amazingly popular teacher aide webinar series plus new content on emotional, social and behavioural training.
Understanding and meeting the needs of at-risk learners including those with neurodiversity 
Suitable for Primary and Secondary 

  • Tutor Reading and comprehension

  • Tutor writing

  • Spelling

  • Numeracy

  • Oral Language 

  • Meeting social needs and skill development

  • Understanding emotional needs

  • Behavioural support, skills and management

This programme is for all teacher aides to enhance classroom practice, identify at-risk learners and raise achievement for all learner groups. 

Learn how to understand and support children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, children on the autistic spectrum, children with ADHD and those with visual and auditory processing disorders. 

The course focuses on teaching for diversity which includes the needs of Maori and Pasifika as well as supporting learners with English as their second language. Differentiated teaching supports all learner groups in classrooms. 
Teacher aides will be supported and mentored to raise achievement and work alongside SENCO’s and class teachers in literacy and numeracy programs. 
Flat per school investment regardless of the number of teacher aides.

Unlimited teachers aides Investment $1500 plus GST per school

All webinars recorded to provide a timeless resource

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