2022 Free Parent Webinars

Hosted by Raising Achievement + Guest presenters specialists.

Being a parent comes with so many considerations and responsibilities.

We understand what it's like to have a child who learns differently.

It can be challenging and hard to find support.

Join other parents - just like you to understand your child's learning differences.

 Set them up for success and support them with home learning.


This webinar series will cover:

  • Understanding your child as a learner

  • Understanding learning difficulties

  • Specialist referrals

  • Supporting at-risk learners

  • Literacy and supporting children with home learning

  • Tutor reading /Basic spelling activities

  • Next steps for those who want more




A FREE Parent Webinar series to support YOU in supporting your child

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All sessions are run for Australia + New Zealand

Australia Sydney/Victoria Time 5.30pm 

New Zealand 7.30 pm

Sessions are LIVE and can not guarantee that recordings are available.

  • Tuesday 15 February

  • Monday 7 March

  • Monday 28 March

  • Tuesday 24 May

  • Wednesday 15 June

  • Tuesday 2 August

  • Tuesday 23 August

  • Monday 12 September

  • Tuesday 25 October

  • Monday 14 November