2022 Free Leadership Forum

Hosted by Raising Achievement + Guest presenters specialists.

We often talk about “ the students who slip through the cracks”  and students who underachieve in mainstream education.

Despite growing awareness, increased brain research, evidence-based research and best practice, positive change for some student groups is remarkably slow.

What is considered best practice in a mainstream situation is not always best for at-risk learners.

There is strength in numbers || As Leadership lets come together

8 dates || 8 themes








The purpose of this forum is to share excellence in teaching for at-risk student groups and further develop evidenced best practices for these learners.

Through this initiative, we anticipate schools will increase awareness and confidence to develop policy and practice and facilitate real change in schools nationwide. 

​ Topics included in the forum

  • Leading Schools in Policy and Practice

  • Embedding change

  • Ways to bring staff on board

  • Enabling pedagogical change.

  • PD for staff

  • Managing school-wide buy-in to implement change.

  • Funding

  • Addressing speech and language needs

Our children need us for their future in education

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Check it out in advance and listen to the first Leadership Forum via the video below!

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All sessions are at 3.30pm

Term 1            

Thursday 24 Feb || Thursday  31 March 


Term 2             

Wednesday 25 May || 
Wednesday 22 June 

Term 3      
Wednesday 27 July || Wednesday 24 August 


Term 4             

Thursday 27 October ||Thursday  24 November