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Amazing Professional Development Offer
Never offered before!!

Designed for the challenges of the current educational environment

Take advantage of our very special school holiday offer!

  • Highly flexible - Set your own pace - Open date to complete the course,  

  • High Value – Two courses for the price of one special

  • High relevance for leaders/teachers and learners. - New PLD content to enhance teaching and learning for the children who have suffered most during the pandemic

  • Dive in and out of modules to suit your current class or job needs.

Save $350

Learning bundle includes:

  • Specialist Teachers Series Online

  • Vision and Learning Online

  • A resource kit to implement vision training in school

  • Access to term 2 Raising Achievement live webinars.

  • Access to one year of the coaching programme live or on recording.

  • Personal email support and mentoring

  • A copy of the Wobbly Kids – Guide for Schools and teachers

Over $1300.00 Value for just $595.00 plus GST!

Offer open for registration for the school holidays only. Registrations close Monday 9 May.

Course One: Specialist Teacher 

Introductory webinar 

•    Webinar 1:  
     A prerequisite session for those not attended previous Raising Achievement training.
     Screening assessments marking, analysis and planning next steps 

 Eight recorded webinars of unique learning content

•    Webinar 2: Interpreting and using a SPELD Assessment-Woodcock Johnson in a classroom setting. Differentiated teaching, accommodations, and strategies.
•    Webinar 3: Case studies – Individual and group learning plans. Planning differentiated classroom programmes.
•    Webinar 4: Training in implementing and managing class or school-wide programmes 
•    Webinar 5: 1 -1 specialist teaching tutoring
•    Webinar 6: ADHD characteristics, understanding, school and classroom support.
•    Webinar 7: Multimodal approach. Social, emotional, and behavioural aspects of learning difficulties. Addressing anxiety.
•    Webinar 8: Mentoring and coaching students with social, emotional, and behavioural needs.

•    Webinar 9: Executive Functioning – What is it and how do I teach it?

Follow up live webinar option to aid implementation. 
•    Webinar 10:  Measuring progress and planning next steps


Course two: Addressing Vision and Learning Problems 

Up to 70% of children with learning difficulties have some type of visual problem.

•    How to identify visual processing problems.
•    The international research and evidence base for visual processing problems
•    When and how to refer
•    Visual training options
•    Training and skills to provide in-school visual remediation

Access to four online modules – A resource kit for remediation is included.

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