Welcome to Raising Achievement.
An organisation dedicated to supporting schools to raise achievement for underachieving students.  

2022 has arrived and there is lots of buzz and excitement at Raising Achievement!

We are taking the challenges of the past few years and preparing to support you for all circumstances!


  • Brand New Course Bundles

  • Mentoring programmes for leaders/ teachers and teacher aides

  •  Our FREE Excellence Forum to support the changing face of education

  • A new Parent Hub to support schools and parents accelerate achievement

    And of course our New Look Website

We look forward to working with you in the year ahead!

The 2022 Coaching and Mentoring Programme

Providing monthly coaching sessions for leadership roles, teachers and teacher aides to build policy and practice.

This program will support classroom teachers and consider strategies and approaches for case studies and hard to reach students.

The 2022 FREE Leadership Forum

Leading change in education/modelling and developing excellence and best practice for at-risk learners. 


A Free open programme for all recognising the need for change in education and wanting to be a part of it.

THE WOBBLY KIDS  - Available Now!

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I am thrilled to announce the arrival of my first book. The Wobbly Kids  - A guide for schools and teachers 

This book covers my own career journey becoming a specialist teacher, leading and developing literacy and numeracy programmes and my work as an educational consultant in New Zealand and Australia over the last 20 years.
Not only will you gain an understanding of the hard to reach learner groups, but the book is filled with practical steps for raising whole class and individual achievement with templates and resources to assist your journey.

Secure your copy today!

Free Parent Webinars

Join other parents - just like you to understand your child's learning differences.

Set them up for success and support them with home learning.

This webinar series will cover:

  • Understanding your child as a learner

  • Understanding learning difficulties

  • Specialist referrals

  • Supporting at-risk learners

  • Literacy and supporting children with home learning

  • Tutor reading /Basic spelling activities

  • Next steps for those who want more

Parent Support Online Program

Do you have concerns regarding your children’s learning?

The Raising Achievement Online Parent Support Bundle will help you:

  • Find out more about the learning level of your child/children.

  • Understand any difficulties with learning and get recommendations for the next steps.

  • Have a home learning programme designed and monitored by an educational consultant.

  • Receive training to support your child with home learning and improve progress.

  • Receive a follow-up assessment and report after 2 terms to monitor gains and determine the next steps