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Natural supports for sleep, stress & anxiety - for parents!

In partnership with Tania Morgan, Essential Oil Educator.

As an essential oil educator there is one topic which causes my customers the most concern. Improving sleep, stress and anxiety for themselves or members of their family (kids included!) When we aren’t sleeping properly everything suffers! When our kids aren’t sleeping well we as parents aren’t sleeping well either! Our patience, resilience, focus, concentration and our immune systems suffer. We can get easily over whelmed and that can lead to behavioural and self esteem problems. How the body works for sleep There are several things we can do to support our sleep patterns and ensure we are having more and better quality sleep.

Limit screen time before bed is a big one. The blue light that is reflected off screens doesn’t allow our body to recognise that it is in fact night time. Our body’s bio rhythms relay on these cues to produce melatonin in our body ( an essential sleep hormone ). Instead of using a melatonin supplement we can work on getting up earlier for the sunlight and going to bed without screen to re set our internal body clock. One way to support our body to relax and prepare for sleep is introducing Linalool. This is a naturally occurring chemical found in many essential oils. Linalool has sedative effects and can help calm an overactive nervous system. It does this by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us “rest and digest.”

You may wonder how can smelling something change how you feel so powerfully? Your sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system - the part of your brain that control emotions, mood and memory.

Essential Oils that are high in linalool are Lavender, Magnolia and also in specialised sleep blends such as Lavender Peace, Adaptiv and Peace. (DoTERRA Essential oils)

For more information about DoTERRA and why it is important you use a quality and pure essential oil you can read about it on my website here

Setting the environment

In order to use Essential oils for sleep one of the easiest ways is to use a diffuser.

We have diffusers that are suited for all sorts of spaces and people! For children using white noise can also help with keeping out background noise and keeping them asleep, night lights can also assist with reducing anxiety about bed time and the dark What I love about diffusing is it is a set and forget and benefits ANYONE that is in the proximity! Another wonderful bonus about setting up sleep conditions this way is that they can easily be duplicated regardless of where you are staying. Establishing these environmental and aromatic cues will create a consistent sleep environment perfect for holidays or shared parenting arrangements! Switching off Many of us find it hard to “wind down” from the day. Our brain gets in a loop over thinking about what needs to be done, what happened during the day or worrying about something. All this prevents us from sleeping! For children I find it really helpful to help them process their day verbally BEFORE starting to go to sleep. In our house we often do this with a gentle foot massage using an essential oil roller. We make up a little story about what these feet have done, been and seen today and they start with a summary from morning to bed. It is really quite special and don’t be surprised if your children begin to share more with you about their day and what might be on their mind. Again using a sleep supportive essential oil it promotes that relaxation of the body and mind. For adults you can do something similar either using a journal next to your bed to process your thoughts and feelings for the day OR simply making a to do list for the next day clears the thoughts from your mind and allows you to switch off much more readily! Making Sleep Simple I know how much time and effort can go into research for health and wellbeing. So often we get confused and overwhelmed with all the information and end up doing nothing.

To make things simple for you I have put together a customised bundle to get you started. In addition to the sleep supports I have mentioned about I have also included a blend to support your children to focus and process information when they need some extra help. We use ours on the way to school. As it is prediluted for children it can be safely popped into a backpack for use during the day. As a special partnership with Raising achievement I have arranged this bundle to include wholesale prices. This will save you 25% off any future purchases AND receive $40 cash back.

To place your order simply email orders are placed over the phone and direct shipped. Ongoing support and education provided via a private facebook page and free customer app.

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