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Dear Parents, Welcome to the Raising Achievement Website where we support you as parents to support your children!
The links below will support you with FREE information and content, provide a place to ask questions and a place to connect with others. 
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Sign up for my free video training- Understanding and supporting your child with learning differences.

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On this Parents hub, you will also find:
The Growing Great Children with Learning Difficulties 3 webinar series including Jenny’s new book – The Wobbly Kids A guide for parents.
Details regarding a supported home learning programme
Details of specialist tutoring available.
If you would like to contact Jenny to discuss your child’s learning or family needs you can book a free 30-minute consultation on the link below.

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Are you concerned about your child’s difficulties with learning?

Would you like to get a head start for a successful school year?

Our programme offers:

  • Ten lesson blocks with specialist tutors

  •  A next steps review Zoom meeting with Jenny Tebbutt after 10 sessions

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Online Parent Support Program

This 6-month programme includes:

  • Design of parent-led home learning programme (3 weekly sessions) for terms 1 and 2

  • Over $120 in learning and tutoring resources 

  • Email support and monitoring

  • Online and video training for home reading and spelling tutoring 

  • A follow-up assessment at the end of term two to measure progress and plan the next steps.

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Kids Handwriting

Growing Great Children with Learning Difficulties

Webinar Series:

Are you concerned about your child’s learning?


Is your child showing anxiety and stress in the school environment?


Are you seeing social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties you would like to address?


Would you like to understand your child’s needs and support them to success?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this new webinar series is for you

Find out more and book your space today.

Blog articles & resources:

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